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Develop your games much faster and visually. Unleash your imagination and realize it dragging, dropping and connecting blocks without programming a line of code.

HTML5 game engine


Create your game once and publish it everywhere. Games created with WiMi5 run on every device, in a browser or natively, with only 1-click.

HTML5 game engine

  • Why


  • Cross

    HTML5 represents a single standard that can be applied across all computers and mobile devices. With HTML5, there is no need to download proprietary plugins and it works across any web browser, across any device.

  • No waiting,
    no fuss

    Creating mobile web games using HTML5, let’s players play a game directly from a website — just tap and play directly from a mobile web site or link within a tweet, chat, post, or even within a native app. No waiting, no fuss.

  • Huge opportunity

    This offers a huge opportunity for game developers, marketers to create simple, fun and engaging games like never before.