Our Vision

The Web is the new global gaming platform, and HTML5 represents a new era in mobile gaming. (We are huge fans if you can’t already tell). HTML5 is already revolutionizing the way we experience the web. It has the ability to support even the most challenging game experience and it works across any device and any platform. With the growth in mobility, proliferation of smartphones and popularity of casual gaming, it was only a matter of time until game design became as simple as building a web page. At WiMi5, our vision was to unlock the potential of HTML5 to create a standardized tool that lets anyone create, publish and monetize games.

Raúl Otaolea's portrait

Raúl Otaolea

Entrepreneurial by nature and able to see the ‘bigger picture’, utilises skills from an extensive background in software and gaming industry, within Innovation and Change Management, Technology Management and Marketing/Business Development. Known as an inspirational leader with a supportive yet challenging management style that motivates both teams and individuals to achieve and exceed targets. @raul_otaolea

Francisco Javier Almeida's portrait

F. Javier Almeida

12 years of experience in video games, pioneer in social online games and a 30 years passionate about them. Highly skilled problem solver. Motivating and supportive team leader always in line with company’s goals. Agile enthusiast.@fralmeih

Aitor Losada's portrait

Aitor Losada
UX Developer

Computer Science lover since Spectrum times, converted to an all-terrain back-end and front-end developer mainly in telecom management environments, and finally porting to closure and css flavored programming.

Borja Urkizu's portrait

Borja Urkizu
Server Developer

Working in backend applications in several bank and security companies as architect/developer of services, under *nix systems using C. One language to rule them all. In the last 12 months I started to LOVE server side JavaScript and nodeJS.

Hafo's portrait

J. M. Martínez, ‘Hafo’

14 years experience in video game industry, mainly mobile apps and games and Web games. Co-Founder of 3 mobile & gaming startups (Animatu, DADA Company and IKU IKA). Marketing & Communication. @hafo